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Expertise and precision in product positioning and market growth


6 and More Communications is a boutique public affairs, communications and brand management consultancy specializing in the retail, food, cosmetics and healthcare sectors. We provide market growth, public affairs strategy, integrated communications and branding support to corporations, businesses and non-profits.

In all of your communications, you will need to impact your audience’s understanding and perception through their senses. We all have five basic senses that are critical to our communications: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. And humans also have a critical sixth sense of intuition that helps us ‘see around corners.’  We partner with you to make your imagination come to life, by combining our expertise with creativity, insights, data, and intuition. That's why we're called 6 and More.

With over two decades of in-house C-Suite experience, we have been in your shoes of having to deliver results while navigating internal management expectations. We will work as an extension of the in-house team to be a trusted partner to you and help you achieve the results you seek.



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Danville, CA

T:  +1 224-358-7222 - +1 847 915-0012

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